Setting Run time  Cycles/Hour Great for…
Low 15s 20 Intimate Spaces (car)
Mid 30s 20
High 2m 30s 20 Slightly Larger Spaces (Office, Bedroom) 

*One cycle is 3 minutes. Run time per cycle varies depending on speed 

*There is a safety timing function that will automatically shut the unit off after two hours 


Question: Why won’t my diffuser turn on?
Answer: It must be charged before use.

Question: Why does the mist not appear as steam?   
Answer: Because theROAMA is uniquely designed to be waterless, it releases pure oil. The water that is added to basic diffusers allows for the unit to emit steam. Rest assured that though theROAMA does not emit steam, it is surely working!   

Question: How do I remove the stopper/orifice reducer from my oil bottles?
Answer: Use the black metal tool provided to remove the plastic stopper from the neck of the oil bottle.

Question: What sized bottles fit into theROAMA?
Answer: Only standard 10ML bottles. 


Read the full instruction booklet here.